The ZPHGA Photographic Awards were set up to provide a platform for our Guiding members to showcase and gain recognition for their work.

With the down-turn in tourism in the early 2000s these two awards – Action and Composition – all but fell away. However, in parallel with an increased interest in Zimbabwe, we have seen a steady improvement in quality and quantity of entries from members.

The Photographic awards are not limited to Professional Guides and we have in fact had a number of finalists and winners over the years, who have been Associate Members of ZPHGA.


Update for 2017: 

On the advice of our judges we have shaken things up a bit by including 7 categories for the 2017, and future, competitions. Judges chose a winner and a runner up in each category.

From these finalists the Judges then chose the “Best Photo” and “Best Photographer” which will receive the trophies that were previously awarded as “Best Action” and “Best Composition”.

ZPHGA will accept a maximum of 3 entries per entrant in the each of the following categories:

1. Best Action Photo: An action shot of any wildlife taken in their natural environment in Zimbabwe)

2. Best Mammal Photo: A wild mammalian species photographed in their natural environment in Zimbabwe)

3. Best Bird Photo: A wild avian species photographed in their natural environment in Zimbabwe)

4. Best Macro Photo: A close-up photo of wild animal, plant or inanimate object taken in Zimbabwe, including but not exclusive to: Arthropods, reptiles, amphibians, fish, minerals, etc taken in their natural/wilderness environment)

5. Best Monochrome Photo: A black and white image of a wild animal or plant taken in Zimbabwe)

6. Best Scenic Photo: A photo depicting Zimbabwe’s scenery – with or without wildlife included)

7. Best “Lucky” Photo: An original photo(Not screenshot and not edited/filtered) taken with a cell phone or point and shoot digital camera where quality is compromised but the ‘story’ was captured for prosperity.


2016 Competition Highlights

2017 Competition Highlights