Health In Zimbabwe

Malaria preventative medicines are necessary in most of Zimbabwe, particularly in the big game areas in the Zambezi Valley and Lowveld.

Please consult your own physician before coming to Zimbabwe. A pyrimethamine/dapsone combination drug taken once a week is generally used locally, andChloroquine is first choice of malaria treatment in Zimbabwe.

Bilharzia is present in many dams and rivers and it is advisable to make minimal contact with this water. However, Bilharziais easily curable by
Biltricide or similar medication.

AIDS: is prevalent in Africa but may be avoided by refraining from irresponsible sexual behaviour. All Medical Blood Bank serum and blood is tested prior to use.

MEDICAL AIR RESCUE AND AMBULANCE SERVICES are available in most areas of Zimbabwe. Insurance cover for this is available – please speak to your Tour Organiser or Operator who can assist in obtaining this cover.

Private as well as Government clinics, hospitals and Medical Practitioners are available at the main city/town centers. All Professional Guides have First Aid Training.