Zimbabwe Professional Hunters

Members of the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association are obliged to follow a strict code of conduct and adhere to our constitution.

We, as members of ZPHGA, believe It is important that both the client and their Professional Hunter are proud of the way in which a hunt is conducted. That this pride stems from the manner in which any animal is targeted – preferably on a “fair chase” basis –  where an emphasis is placed on a ‘spot and stalk’ or good old fashioned ‘tracking’ method of approach.

We believe that it is our duty to make the best approach possible in order to afford the hunter the best opportunity at a clean and humane harvest.

Africa is renowned for excellent animal quality, both in our National Parks and protective consumptive conservation areas, but it is the thrill of the chase that should be the motivation to go on a hunting safari in the latter. In addition to the friendly people, an African safari should be enjoyed and remembered for the unique atmosphere of the African bush and the sights, smells and sounds of all manner of animals that are encountered. Zimbabwean Professional Hunters are licensed to conduct both hunting and guiding safaris – don’t be shy to ask questions on what you see while tracking your anticipated quarry or what you hear while sitting around the camp-fire at night, gaining insight into ‘how the bush works’ can be the difference between a good safari and a safari of a lifetime.

Our Professional Hunters are required to strictly adhere to the National Wildlife Laws including the Tourist Hunting Regulations. Clients are urged to assist and respect Professional Hunters in this imperative responsibility.

Hunters should be hunting for mature male specimens only and must accept the judgement of their Professional hunter when it comes to animal quality. Not every specimen encountered will be of harvest quality and one should be prepared for this possibility. A hunting safari is intended to provide the best opportunity to harvest top quality animals in a lawful, fair and sportsman like manner.

It is our strongest recommendation that any hunter seeking to hunt in Zimbabwe, and Africa as a whole, must hunt with a paid up member of the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association or recognised representative association. Thereby assuring they are hunting with an ethically motivated professional and has subsequent follow up channels for any issues they may encounter on safari and after. There are always rogue elements in any industry and the safari industry is no different. Please do your research and back checks to validate any operator and Guide.


for a non-resident foreigner to obtain a Zimbabwean Professional Hunter’s license – and as such it is illegal for them to conduct a safari in Zimbabwe.

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