Trophy Awards 2011

  1. Zinyela Hunter’s Safari Floating Trophy for the Best ElphantMark Ellement
  2. Trophy for the Best out of 3 ElephantMark Ellement
  3. Style Trophy for the Best BuffaloClive Hallamore
  4. Trophy donated by Martin Pieters Safaris for the Best LionRob Styles
  5. Rosslyn Safaris Trophy for the Best LeopardJannie Meyer
  6. Taxidermy Enterprises Trophy for Best AntelopeClive Hallamore
  7. Hunters Africa Trophy for the Best SableGuav Johnson
  8. Trophy donated by Martin Pieters Safaris for the Best Aquatic AnimalSpike Claassen
  9. For the Widest BuffaloClive Hallamore
  10.  Bruce Austen Trophy for the Best Overall HunterThierry Labat
  11.  The Shangaan Trophy for the Best Bow HunterThierry Labat
  12.  Burton Nesbitt Trophy for the Best Antelope out of ZimbabweClint Burton
  13.  The Cliff Walker Award for the Best Dangerous Game out of ZimbabweWayne Clark
  14.  Garth Thompson Trophy for Best Wildlife PhotographerCandy Pieters
  15.  John Stevens Trophy for the Best Guide from the practicalLewise Mangawa
  16.  Zambezi Hunter’s Trophy for Best Hunter from the practicalDalton Tink
  17.  The Lional Reynolds Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to the Association and the IndustryEmmie Chimwanengara