Trophy Awards 2013

  1. Style Trophy for the Best Buffalo – Rob Lurie, Brooklands Hunting Safaris, overall score 120”, Mapari.
  1. Trophy donated by Martin Pieters Safaris for the Best Lion – Shaun Buffee, Shaun Buffee Safaris, 25 13/16, Bubye Valley Conservancy.
  1. Rosslyn Safaris Trophy for the Best Leopard – Pete Fick, Mazunga Safaris, 17 12/16, Bubye Valley Conservancy.
  1. Taxidermy Enterprises Trophy for Best Antelope – Clive Hallamore, HHK, Livingstone Eland – 105 1/8, Chirisa Safari Area.
  1. For the Widest Buffalo – Rob Lurie, Brooklands Hunting Safaris, 44 2/8, Mapari.
  1. Bruce Austen Trophy for the Best Overall Hunter – Pete Fick
  1. The Shangaan Trophy for the Best Animal Taken with a Bow – Sean Nicolle, Rosslyn Safaris, Livingstone Eland – 103 4/8, Cawston Block, Umguza.
  1. Burton Nesbitt Trophy for the Best Antelope out of Zimbabwe – Thierry Labat, Northern Operations Africa, Blue Duiker – 8 9/16, Central African Republic.
  1. The Cliff Walker Award for the Best Dangerous Game out of Zimbabwe – Thierry Labat, Northern Operations Africa, Central African Savanna Buffalo – 88 1/8, Central African Republic.
  1. African Action Videos Trophy for Best Wildlife Photographer in the Action category – Gary De Jong for Trainee Assasin, Fothergill, Kariba

Runner-up – Gary De Jong for Action, Kennedy 2, Hwange.

  1. Garth Thompson Trophy for Best Wildlife Photographer in the category of Composition – Kerry Watson for Veins, Dragonfly, Msuna-Lake Kariba

Runner-up – Duncan Watson for Whooo Woke Me?, Eagle Owl, Bulawayo

  1. John Stevens Trophy for the Best Guide from the proficiency – Sam Mushandu
  1. Zambezi Hunter’s Trophy for Best Hunter from the practical – David Langerman
  1. Strydom Sharp Shooting Shield for the Learner PH/PH who has achieved the highest score at the annual shooting test and/or in competition – Adriaan Olivier
  1. The Lional Reynolds Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to the Association and the Industry – Martin Pieters
  1. Skippy Award –

Nominations are –

John Sharp for allegedly shooting himself in the leg.

Pete Fick for allegedly shooting John Sharp in the leg.

John Sharp and Pete Fick for not getting their story straight.

Pete Fick for failing on a lion hunt in Lemco.

Tienie Kok for shooting a 100lb elephant on his first elephant hunt as a qualified PH, and then wounding and losing the elephant on his next hunt.

Ross Johnston – whilst baiting for a Lion in Matetsi he snared a Hyena which he then had to release. His Facebook status read ‘another release by Ross’, but failed to mention that he had actually snared the Hyena.