1. Zambezi Hunter’s Trophy for Best Hunter from the practicalMatthew Pilkington
  1. Taxidermy Enterprises Trophy for Best AntelopeNeil Duckworth, Mokore Safaris, 84” Waterbuck, Sengwa Research.

2nd Place – Shaun Buffee, Mazunga Safaris, 83 6/8 Waterbuck, Bubye Valley Conservancy.

  1. Trophy donated by Martin Pieters Safaris for the Best Aquatic AnimalAndries Kotze, Mazunga Safaris, 15ft 10 1/2” Crocodile, Mwenezi.
  1. Rosslyn Safaris Trophy for the Best LeopardSean Grant, Shangani River Safaris, 18 2/16, Shangani.

2nd Place – John Sharp, Mazunga Safaris, 17 4/16, Bubye Valley Conservancy.

3rd Place – Graham Mayger, Sentinel Limpopo Safaris, 17 2/16.

  1. Trophy donated by Martin Pieters Safaris for the Best LionRichard Cooke, Richard Cooke Safaris, 26 8/16, Ngamo Forestry.

2nd Place – Martin Nel, Mazunga Safaris, 26 4/16, Bubye Valley Conservancy.

3rd Place – John Sharp, Mazunga Safaris, 26 1/16, Bubye Valley Conservancy.

  1. Bruce Watson Safaris Trophy for the Biggest Elephant shot out of a Safari AreaSean Grant, Shangani River Safaris, 28/25kg
  1. Trophy for the Best out of 3 ElephantSean Grant, Shangani River Safaris. Ave of all 6 tusks – 23.6kg
  1. Burton Nesbitt Trophy for the Best Antelope out of ZimbabweJames Rosenfels, Western Safaris, 13 12/16” Livingstone Suni, Mozambique.

2nd Place – Neil Duckworth, Mokore Safaris, 12 4/16” Natal Red Duiker, Mozambique.

  1. The Cliff Walker Award for the Best Dangerous Game out of ZimbabweGuav Johnson, Mayo Oldiri Safaris, 93lbs Forest Elephant, Cameroon.
  2. African Action Videos Trophy for Best Wildlife Photographer in the Action category –   Duncan Watson, Summer Dash, Tsholotsho.
  1. Garth Thompson Trophy for Best Wildlife Photographer in the category of Composition Duncan Watson, The King.
  1. Gallantry Award for Bravery beyond the Call of Duty – Craig Johnson (Client).

Coming to the aid of Chris Burton who was being attacked and gored by a wounded buffalo cow. Craig had to come looking in the reeds to find Chris and then literally shot the buffalo off Chris, at point blank range. He did this while keeping Chris’ whereabouts in mind to avoid shooting Chris with a pass through.

  1. Bruce Austen Trophy for the Best Overall HunterNeil Duckworth, Mokore Safaris.
  1. The Lional Reynolds Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to the Association and the IndustryRowan Martin for his devotion and contribution to the Elephant Management Plan of Zimbabwe, and his tireless work to try and lift the Elephant ban suspension.
  1. Skippy Award

Nominations are

  1. Chris Burton – for getting mauled by a buffalo heifer.
  2. Cliff Walker and Louis Muller– he used 1 elephant 4 buff 2 kudu 2 hippo and 36

impala, and failed to shoot a lion or leopard of age

  1. Tienie Kok and Petrus Kok – for radioing the only other person, who was his cousin, in the concession and asking him to meet him somewhere, and then the 2 of them having a head on collision.