ZPHGA’s  “Next Generation” initiative.

‘i’ this and ‘i’ that has fast become the norm for the youth in the world and even Zimbabwe.  The next generation of wildlife enthusiasts is enthusing from the couch in front of animal planet or playing games on a tablet. While one cannot discount the value of the surge in availability of access to information at the click of a button – we at ZPHGA know all too well the importance of getting out there and experiencing what Zimbabwe’s wilderness has to offer – first hand. That playing with mud or building a fort kind of education that helped inspire our members in their youth to pursue their careers in the safari industry.

As such we are launching a program to provide opportunities to our next generation of conservationists – be they guides; hunters; vets, researchers or ‘ologists’ – to learn about the environment on our doorstep.  Something most of us grew up with as a way of life.

Our first camp will be held in the first week of the December school holidays 2017, to allow for the availability of members to help with various aspects of the course.

Our intention is to ultimately run this as a self-funding program through course fees, merchandising and endorsements.

Stay tuned and get in touch with the association if you would like to offer advice or participate.